Born and raised in Leipzig, Stigmatique is not an unknown name anymore in the local music scene. He played at well-known clubs such as the Distillery and Institut Für Zukunft, which is an important part of the Leipzig and techno scene in general since over 4 years. Stigmatique’s music is dark, spherical, raw and energetic influences characterised by, which go hand in hand with the constant change and harmony. His sets feature whiptail, driving but also spherical break-tones and rhythms, that pull the listener into a rousing sound world. Almost one year ago the 27-year-old artist also started with the production of own stuff. In winter 2017 he founded with his very good friend and musical partner JANEIN, a label which is called SEELEN. With the release of their first record, they set new standards for techno in all its multifacetedness in Leipzig and environment.The meeting of old techno warhorses like Mørbeck, the French Marla Singer and the SOMA artist SLV provided with newcomers for making a splash in the German club scene.
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