We are what we see. We are products of our surroundings. If you say this to Shaleen she will very likely punch you in the nose. Since her early beginnings behind the wheels of steel she has continuously had to cut her own path in the Techno Industry, and ever since then, has not been one to give off control to anyone be it by brutally honing her craft or stamping out her own party series “SURD". However hearing her play or listening to her tracks it is still obvious that the “Ruhrgebiet” has not let her relocate to Berlin without a deep impression. Heavy, chugging, steaming and calculated it is reminiscent of the heavy industry machinery, the area is known for. So it is with this introduction that we are very happy to announce that she will be joining our posse and release her Debut on SEELEN in 2019. Just don’t tell her what we wrote here, we like our faces intact.
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